What I do

I make photographs. Most visibly in documentary contexts, but extensively, and by vocation, disposition and cultivation, of a wide range of subjects, across many fields of intention, for numerous purposes.

If this seems elaborate and unwieldy description, it might be appropriate; these words tail the edit, the field, the flick-book-slide-show, the failures, attempts and the spot-on framed-in squared-up beauty I’ve been chasing, but they get no closer, being, as the man says, ‘words’.

I make beautiful photographs; make of them what you will.

But it’s not just about beauty, formalism, balance; I’m interested in photography as part of the process of culture, its capability for education, change, language-transcendence, performance, commerce, punch-lines…

I make beautiful photographs that work; work with us.

( links, contact form etc. to follow)