I’ve been looking at edges; now that I think about it maybe this has to do with Permaculture’s interest in the generative potential of edge zones- the seashore, the delta, the hedgerow, the riverbank. In this city, the urban and the rural have edges that are closer to the surface than is often evident at first glance. All the place names, Balsall Heath, Kings Heath, Acocks Green, Small Heath etc., point to what was here relatively recently, before industrialisation. And in other places the rural pokes through, and what it meant and means changes, and impinges on what we think of as our urbanness.

I saw an irritating programme on ITV last year sometime about what the world would look like without humans. They’d CGI’d bridges and towers weakening and collapsing without maintenance, and had footage from inside the exclusion zone at Chernobyl. I thought it was bad tv, but it stuck in my mind too I suppose. Without being alarmist, or maudlin, it seems the shape of things is changing, and I’ve been wondering how much if it is evident in these edges I’ve begun to see, or think into existence.

I was going to leave out the burned bible I found at these empty offices, but that too is a kind of edge

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