Steampunk FUNK!

Hello people! These were taken at Steampunk Funk on the tenth day of December, the year of our Lord two thousand and eleven, at bar 78. Brought to yous all by these guys amongst others.

The blue specks on one or two of the pictures are the result of rust from the newly recommissioned plumbing of the purpose built darkroom sink at the Old Print Works, colour inversed in the scan.

They are the first analogue photo products to come out of the place for a long time. I thought I’d leave the rust accident alone as it’s more- well- steampunk, maybe…

I’m doing prints of the pictures for sale: £12 for 5″x7″, £18 for 10″x8″, including postal or local to Balsall Heath delivery. Drop me a line! I hope you like.

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