Artist Statement

I’m a photographer and educator based in Birmingham, UK The projects page of this website holds a record of bodies of work I’ve produced over the last 20 years of my working life as an artist. To avoid treading again the worn path of the artist statements pressed into the way I think about this whole enterproise, here is a a list of the kind of works that have come to some sort of resolution, and which make up most of what’s visible here:

Portrait series, made through engagements within specific communities, that build narratives of common humanity speaking to broader, deeper contexts than those they are rooted in;

Documentary, or documentary-style photography projects;

Participatory photography and socially engaged practice, where my role has been to facilitate others’ use of (predominantly) photography, to achieve personal, social, educational or advocacy goals;

Landscape photography series that by their nature tend to be less resolved than works bounded by community and the social. This thread of work is more personal, both in the sense that it is monologic or at least born from dialogue at the frontiers of the human, framing our interface with nature, and non-human time, and because it is closer to the core of why I do this.

Thinking about it as I write, I suppose the work I make with people is a reaching beyond, an expression of love, and hope; the work in landscape reaches towards another kind of transcendence.

The gallery page of the site is intended to give a tag-searchable overview of what I do, and to accommodate individual images that aren’t project-resolved. My practice is eclectic; I’ve struggled with how to package my output in as refined and definitive a way photography-portfolio-convention dictates, so this site attempts to show work with focus and completion and have space for the playful, contingent and incomplete.

The blog includes writing going back to 2008, a turning point in my life when I first travelled to Lebanon and wrote on WordPress for the first time, and carries longer texts and more detail relating to other work on the site.

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Selected Publications


Cultural Intermediaries Connecting Communities.  Revisiting Approaches to Cultural Engagement. Edited by Phil JonesBeth Perry and Paul Long


Cycling and the City, Liminalities. Dr. Phil Jones, Dan Burwood

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